Legal Interpretation


Legal Interpretation:

  When any authority has doubts regarding the application of any law or

     regulation,  the bureau shallassist in providing legal advice and, when

      necessary, consult with scholars and experts for professional legal


  The bureau staff shall attend meetings held by authorities, join in the

       discussions and provide timely legal advice sufficient to effectively

       resolve the dispute.


Legal Affairs Education and Promotion:

   to hold legal seminars, workshops and legal courses.

  to provide counseling for legal affairs, appeals and state compensation.

  to print educational legal affairs publication.


Free Legal Advice for the Public:

  The bureau will invite outstanding practicing lawyers recommended by the

      Kaohsiung Bar Association to provide free legal advice for the public at

      the city hall to solve legal problems in the hope of effectively reducing

       the number of lawsuits.

  1F, Joint Service Center, Sihwei Administration Center, Kaohsiung

       City Government  (9am to noon and 2pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

  Fongshan District Office (2pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

  Gangshan District Office (2 pm to 5pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

   Cishan District Office (2pm to 5pm, Tuesday and Friday).


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