Reviewing the legislation


Reviewing the legislation:

According to the provisions of the Local Government Act, Kaohsiung is one of the

  autonomous municipalities; it may, in accordance with laws or upon authorization from

   higher government levels, formulate self-government laws (including ordinances and

   regulations). In addition, the Kaohsiung City Government may, as a local

   administrative  authority, establish administrative rules according to its power,

    or ex officio, asstipulated  in the Administrative Procedure Act. As the rights of

    people will be directly or indirectly affected by the enforcement of self-government

    or dinances and  regulations and  administrative rules, their contents must under go

    a rigorous review  to ensure that the public interest is protected.

To regulate the enactment or establishment, the amendment, the repeal, the

  enforcement, the application, the interpretation, the administration and the

  management of self-government ordinances and regulations and administrative

   rules of Kaohsiung City, the bureau formulated the Kaohsiung City Government

   Regulation Standard Self-governance Articles and also the Criteria for Management

  of Kaohsiung City Legal Affairs, for competent authorities to follow when producing

   law drafts.

To reach professional objectivity in reviewing legislation, the Kaohsiung City

  Government set up the Kaohsiung City Government Law and Regulations Committee

   with the director and vice director serving as chairperson and vice chairperson,

  respectively, and engaged judges, lawyers, scholars and high-level government

  officers with practical and theoretical expertise as members to participate in the

   review of the law drafts.

Before the proposed drafts produced by competent authorities are sent to the

   Committee, the First Legal Affairs Section and Second Legal Affairs Section are

   responsible for staffing assistance. The two Sections have the responsibility to

   assist the competent authorities to make sure that the proposed drafts meet the

   requirements of the Criteria and that they conform to legal principles by comparing

  and analyzing the provisions thereof for logical reasoning. When the draft is being

  reviewed, the bureau shall assist the committee members to examine each article

  and weigh every word for the legislative purpose, style and required amendments,

  so that the regulations adopted will be in line with the municipal needs and welfare

   of the people.

Legislation Reviewing Process:


Legislation Reviewing Process
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