Reviewing state compensation cases:


    Anyone may file an application for state compensation for any damage arising from

       the intent or negligent act of any employee of the Government which infringes upon

       his or her freedom or rights, or for any damage to the person's life, body or property

       resulting from a defect in the installation or management of any government-owned

       public facility according to Paragraph 2 of Article 2 and Paragraph 1 of Article 3

      of the State Compensation Law.

    Kaohsiung City Government set up the Kaohsiung City Government State

      Compensation Committee and engaged experts and scholars as members to

       review state compensation cases. The Appeals Section and State Compensation

       Section are responsible for staffing assistance.

    State Compensation Committee members: In addition to the city government’s

      Secretary-General and Deputy Secretary-General and the bureau director serving

      as chairperson, vice chairperson and ex-officio member, respectively, professionals

      such as judges, lawyers and scholars were engaged to participate in the review of

      state compensation cases.

    Regarding the review of state compensation cases, the committee members shall

      be fair, objective and detached, and adopt a discreet attitude without being too

      harsh or too kind on the cases, in order to help the people quickly get compensation

      and minimize their losses.


State Compensation Cases Reviewing Process
State Compensation Cases Reviewing Process detail