Reviewing the legislation

Legislation reviewing Process:

Competent authorities draft city ordinances -> The bureau first reviews makes comments and sends them to the Committee -> The Committee reviews every one of the ordinances -> Authorities submit them to the municipal meeting for adoption

->1.Self-govern ance Articles->Submit to city Council for adoption
->(1)Without penalties -> Except as otherwise provided by law , the adopted articles are send through central competent authority to the Executive Yuan for reference
->(2)With penalties -> The Executive Yuan approves and promulgates them

->2.Self-govern ance regulations
->(1)If the adoption is authorized by law,the regulations are sent to the central competent authority specified by such law after promulgation
->(2)If the adoption is authorized by its ex officio or Self-governance Articles, the regulations are sent to the Executive Yuan and Kaohsiung City Council, respectively, for reference or notification.