Reviewing state compensation cases:

A compensation is applied
->1.The compensating authority ->Send an written explanation for refusal to the bureau ->5
->2.The compensating authority recognizes it is liable ->Negotiate with the claimant ->3,4

->3.Report after appropriation if the compensation does not exceed the authorized amount
->4.Send the agreement to the bureau if the compensation exceeds the authorized amount ->5

->5.The committee reviews and makes a decision ->6,7,8

->6.renegotiate->The compensating authority negotiates with the claimant again->2
->7.Agree to refuse to pay compensation->The compensating authority sends a written explanation for refusal to the claimant
->8.Agree to pay compensation ->The compensating authority undertakes the appropriatperion procedure->The compensating authority reviews if it shall have the right to reimbursement ->9,10

9.There are person(s) responsible->Reimbursement and administrative responsibility
10.There is no person responsible->No Reimbursement